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Quizzes Current Affairs April 2014 Quizzes

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Topic Name : Current Affairs April 2014 - 20 Questions

1. Who on 20 April 2014 won the Monte Carlo Masters Tennis?

A. Bob Bryan
B. Roger Federer
C. Stanislas Wawrinka

2. International Mother Earth Day observed across the world on?

A. 20 April 2014
B. 22 April 2014
C. 25 April 2014

3. Who became the first Indian to won Thailand Tour title of Asian Bowling Federation?

A. Shaik Abdul Hameed
B. Deepak Kumar
C. Vijay Kamal

4. Who won the Asian Continental Chess Championship 2014?

A. Yu Yangyi of China
B. Rustam Kasimdzhanov of Uzbekistan
C. Adhiban of India

5. Who received the Most Popular All Time International Star in India at the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) awards 2014?

A. Hollywood star Kevin Spacey
B. Hollywood star John Travolta
C. Bollywood star Sharuk Khan
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