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Quizzes Current Affairs January 2015 Quizzes

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Topic Name : Current Affairs January 2015 - 20 Questions

1. Who is the default Chairperson of the newly formed NITI Aayog?

A. RBI Governor
B. Prime Minister
C. Finance Minister

2. The Governing Council of NITI Aayog comprises

A. Chief Ministers of States and Lieutenant Governors of Union Territories
B. Chief Ministers of states and CEOs of Public Sector Banks
C. RBI Governor and Finance Secretary

3. Who has been appointed as the New Chairman for Airport Authority of India?

A. R K Srivatsava
B. Sudheer Raheja
C. S K Muhammad Sayed Khan

4. Airport Authority of India is a

A. Constitutional Body
B. Non-Statutory Body
C. Statutory Body

5. Who has been appointed as a Chairman of Railway Board?

A. Rahul Krishnan
B. R K Mittal
C. R Sreedharan
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