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Quizzes Smoking Hazards Quizzes

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Topic Name : Smoking Hazards - 10 Questions

1. The addictive chemical in cigarettes is known as:

A. Carbon Monixide
B. Tar
C. Nicotine

2. Which pulmonary disease that is caused by smoking makes it difficult to breathe?

A. Emphysema
B. Arterial Sclerosis
C. Stroke

3. Cigarette smoking causes increased risk of:

A. Stomach cancer
B. Lung Cancer
C. All of the Above

4. Cigarette smoking causes which of the following?

A. Bad skin,Yellow teeth
B. Bad breath
C. All of the above

5. Which of the following diseases is a result of cigarette smoking?

A. Parkinson’s Disease
B. Hypertension
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