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Quizzes Carbohydrate Quizzes

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Topic Name : Carbohydrate - 10 Questions

1. Carbohydrates play many roles in biological organisms including

A. Structural components
B. Oxygen transport
C. ATP synthesis

2. Why is cellulose successful as a structural material in plant cell walls?

A. It is proteinaceous
B. It is made of a readily-available building block
C. None of these

3. What monosaccharides make up a sucrose (table sugar) molecule?

A. Lactose and fructose
B. Glucose and fructose
C. Galactose and maltose

4. What do most monosaccharides do when they are dissolved in liquids?

A. Dissolve
B. Divide into two disaccharides
C. Form an octagon

5. Glucose has many biological roles as a building block for

A. Fructose
B. Lipid
C. Cellulose
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