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Quizzes Jesse Owens Quizzes

Added by : rajkumarr - On 2017-02-01 03:01:51 Views : 207
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Topic Name : Jesse Owens - 10 Questions

1. What was Jesse Owens sport?

A. Track and Field
B. Football
C. Basketball

2. What was Jesse Owens first job?

A. Basketball player
B. Paper boy
C. A shoe shine boy

3. What was Jesse Owens speed time for the hundred yard dash ?

A. 1 hour
B. 9.4 seconds
C. 6 seconds

4. Where was Jesse Owens born?

A. Alabama
B. Ohio
C. Geogre

5. Who was the first African American to be in the Olympics?

A. Jesse Owens
B. Usan Bolt
C. Dekivian
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