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Quizzes Tamil literature Quizzes

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Topic Name : Tamil literature - 10 Questions

1. A great tamil poet Kamban was born in which age..?

A. Chola Age
B. Cheran Age
C. Pandian Age

2. Kambaramayanam belongs to which century..?

A. 8th
B. 9th
C. 10th

3. The languages Kamban knows..?

A. Sanskrit,
B. Sanskrit, Tamil
C. Sanskrit, Tamil and Malayalam

4. The Nayanmars are the saints of:

A. Saivism
B. Vaishnavism
C. Jainism

5. A collection of eight anthologies of the Sangam classics is called:

A. Ettuthokai
B. Pathuppattu
C. Kalithokai
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