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Quizzes APJ Abdul Kalam Quizzes

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Topic Name : APJ Abdul Kalam - 5 Questions

2. Dr. Abdul Kalam was elected as the president of India during the rule of which prime minister?

A. Dr. Manmohan Singh
B. A.B.Vajpayee
C. I. K . Gujral

3. What among the following is an autobiography of Dr. Abdul Kalam?

A. Ignited Minds
B. Inspired Minds
C. Wings of Fire

4. Dr. Kalam has been chosen to receive what prestigious honour for his outstanding public service in 2008?

A. Time - Person of the Year
B. Hoover Medal
C. UK Knighthood

5. Who was Dr. Kalams mentor and guide?

A. Avul, his father
B. Dr. Vikram Sarabhai
C. Aryabhatta
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