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Topic Name : Google - 10 Questions

1. Who draws the special Google home page logos for holidays and other celebrations?

A. GoogleMan
B. Larry Page
C. Dennis Hwang, a 23 year old Web designer.

2. Why is Google called "Google?"

A. Its a misspelling of the word "googol", which is a huge number
B. Same number of syllables as Yahoo
C. Named after Bill Gates dog, who is also named Google

3. Does Google care if you capitalize or use bad spelling?

A. Yes, and your search queries will reflect this
B. Yes. And theyll send the Capitalization police to your house
C. No. Capitalization doesn matter, and Google suggests alternate spellings

5. What does Googles "similar pages" feature mean?

A. Similar pages just means that other people are looking for the same thing
B. Google will search the Web for pages that fall into the same general category as your result
C. Similar pages to that of Yahoo
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