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Quizzes Technical Abbreviation Quizzes

Added by : jayachandran E - On 2013-03-19 01:00:43 Views : 708
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Topic Name : Technical Abbreviation - 5 Questions

1. SDK ?

A. Software development kit
B. System Database Kit
C. Software design for Knowledge

2. What is the Abbreviation of CLR?

A. Robust Code Language
B. Common Lite Runtime
C. Common Language Runtime

3. XML?

A. Extensible Markup Language
B. Extensible Markup Loop
C. Extensible Mark Loop

4. What is the Abbreviation of COM?

A. Code Oriented Model
B. Component Object Model
C. Code Over Motion

5. What is the Abbreviation of JVM?

A. Java Virtual Machine
B. Visual Machine for Java
C. Just Visual Machine
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