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Topic Name : Pen - 10 Questions

1. Who was the founder of Omas Pens?

A. Raffaella Simoni Malaguti
B. Armando Simoni
C. Angelo Malaguti

2. Mark Twain used and promoted which pen?

A. Mabie Todd Swan
B. Parker Lucky Curve
C. Conklin Crescent Filler

3. In 1832 the first self-filling pen was patented by who?

A. J.J. Parker
B. L.E. Waterman
C. George S. Parker

4. Which manufacturer was founded in Turin in 1919?

A. Omas
B. Mentmore
C. Aurora

5. Caran dAche, based in Geneva, Switzerland, recieved its name from:

A. Its French founder of the the same name.
B. The Russian word for pencil.
C. The pseudonym of the 19th century French cartoonist Emmanuel Poiré
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