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Quizzes Warthog Quizzes

Added by : Vickram H - On 2013-05-20 03:50:49 Views : 663
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Topic Name : Warthog - 5 Questions

1. How much is the weight of Warthog at birth time?

A. 2 pounds
B. 10 pounds
C. 20 pounds

2. Who are the main Predators of Warthog ?

A. Buffallo
B. Lion
C. None

3. Which is false about Warthog ?

A. Warthogs have manes like a Zebra
B. They can live without water for several months
C. Warthog travel in small groups called sounders

4. What is average life span of Wathog in the wild?

A. 15 years
B. 20 years
C. 25 years

5. The Warthog belongs to which animal family ?

A. Pig
B. Cat
C. Fox
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