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Quizzes Harry Potter Quizzes

Added by : jayachandran E - On 2013-06-26 02:50:27 Views : 605
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Topic Name : Harry Potter - 10 Questions

1. Who wrote the harry potter series?

A. J.K. Rowling
B. Jeff Kinney
C. Jonathan London

2. Full name of Harry?

A. Harry daler potter
B. HGpotter
C. Harry james potter

3. What is the name of Harrys owl?

A. Pigwigigin
B. Hedwig
C. Errol

4. According to the harry potter musical who does Draco like?

A. Ginny weasly
B. Luna lovegood
C. Dolores umbridge

5. Which one is a horcrux?

A. The diary
B. Harry
C. The locket
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