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Added by : Dinesh - On 2013-08-20 12:35:08 Views : 577
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Topic Name : Scanner - 8 Questions

1. What is a scanner?

A. A compressed image format popular on the Web
B. An image represented as pixels in a row and column format
C. A device that captures images or text and converts it to a bitmapped image.

2. To scan a document what should you click on?

A. Save as icon
B. Tools in the Menu bar
C. Preview Scan

3. What is a TIFF file?

A. Tagged Image File Format
B. Tapped Interpolated File Form
C. Technical Information File Format

4. When placing an item on the scanner glass, you should:

A. place it face up
B. place it face down
C. put all pages at once

5. A 30 page document needed for the web, which scanning instructions should you use?

A. Scan and save as image
B. Scan and save as PDF
C. save as a word document
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