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Quizzes Artist and Paintings Quizzes

Added by : jayachandran E - On 2013-08-31 02:16:05 Views : 582
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Topic Name : Artist and Paintings - 15 Questions

1. Question : Who painted this?

A. Picasso
B. Mondrian
C. Kandinsky

2. Question : What nationality was the bloke who painted this famously miserable picture?

A. Norwegian
B. Spanish
C. British

3. Question : Which famous impressionist is responsible for this painting?

A. Vermeer
B. Joan Miro
C. Van Gogh

4. Question : Name the famous English artist who ppainted the Fighting Temeraire?

A. Turner
B. Joseph Turner
C. Potatoes

5. Question : What modern American artist painted works like this?

A. Jackson Pollock
B. Mark Rothko
C. Picasso - Les
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