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Added by : jayachandran E - On 2013-08-31 04:13:09 Views : 592
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Topic Name : Music Bands - 15 Questions

1. Question : Who are this legendary band who have scored top ten hits in the 70s 80s and 90s?

A. 2Unlimited
B. A1
C. Status Quo

2. Question : What murderous-sounding British band is this?

A. The Stranglers
B. Specials
C. The Cars

3. Question : Name the Scottish band?

A. The View
B. The Smiths
C. U2

4. Question : Name this New York rock band who made it big in the early 00s?

A. We Are Scientists
B. The Stranglers
C. The Strokes

5. Question : Name the American band?

A. The Velvet Underground
B. We Are Scientists
C. Wheatus
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