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Quizzes Karl Marx Quizzes

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Topic Name : Karl Marx - 20 Questions

1. According to Marx, the history of all society up to his time is the history of:

A. Class Struggles
B. Political Problems
C. Racism

2. Which of the following traits is characteristic of modern bourgeois society?

A. Class relationships have been erradicated
B. ALL societies believe in Communism
C. Exploitative class relationships are no longer hidden

3. Who has been a big influence for Karl Marx?

A. John Stuart Mill
B. G.W.F. Hegel
C. Aristotle

4. Karl Marx is:

A. Founder of modernism.
B. Founder of communism.
C. Ex-President of the United States

5. One type of communism that exists nowadays is:

A. Anarcho-Communism
B. Neo-Communism
C. Liberal-Communism
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