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Quizzes Breast Cancer Quizzes

Added by : jayachandran E - On 2013-11-20 04:51:14 Views : 485
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Topic Name : Breast Cancer - 10 Questions

1. Breast size and shape are determined by

A. Dietary factor
B. Ethnic factor
C. All of the above

2. Carcinoma of the breast usually arising from the epithelial cells of the

A. lactiferous ducts
B. subareolar lymphatic plexus
C. lactiferous sinus

3. Breast is divided into

A. eight quadrants
B. two quadrants
C. four quadrants

4. Most lymph from the medial breast quadrants,drains to the

A. pectoral lymph nodes
B. parasternal lymph nodes
C. axillary nodes

5. Which one is common for treatment of breast cancer?

A. lumpectomy
B. simple mastectomy
C. radical mastectomy
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