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Quizzes Mr Bean Quizzes

Added by : jayachandran E - On 2014-01-11 05:13:37 Views : 667
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Topic Name : Mr Bean - 10 Questions

1. What subject did Mr. Bean study most about for his test?

A. Quadratic functions
B. Geometry
C. Trigonometry

2. What is one thing that Mr. Bean does not bring to his exam?

A. An alarm clock
B. A calculator
C. A pen

3. What cartoon character does Mr. Bean take out of his bag?

A. Marmaduke
B. The Pink Panther
C. None

4. At what time does Mr. Beans exam finish at?

A. Noon
B. Three oclock
C. Six oclock

5. What coloured bathing suit does Mr. Bean try to put on at the beach?

A. Black and blue
B. Blue and white
C. Red and green
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