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Topic Name : Indian Flag - 10 Questions

1. Where was the Indian National Flag first unfurled on 15August 1947?

A. Red Fort
B. India Gate
C. Parliament House

2. When was the flag code amended that he citizens are free to hoist the Indian Flag?

A. January 26, 2002
B. October 10,2002
C. August 15, 2002

3. Who hoisted the National Flag on the 50th anniversary of Indian Independence?

A. A.B. Vajpayee
B. H.D. Deve Gouda
C. I.K. Gujral

4. When was Jana Gana Mana adopted by the Constituent Assembly as the National Anthem of India?

A. 24th Jan 1950
B. 15th August 1947
C. 15th August 1950

5. What is the playing time of Indias National Anthem?

A. 56 seconds
B. 50 seconds
C. 52 seconds
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