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Quizzes Bizarre Medical Conditions Quizzes

Added by : Rajkumar - On 2014-08-20 12:29:49 Views : 565
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Topic Name : Bizarre Medical Conditions - 10 Questions

1. The condition that sometimes causes sufferers of strokes or traumatic brain injuries to speak with a different accent is:

A. Maginot Tongue Disorder
B. Stockholm Syndrome
C. Foreign Accent Syndrome

2. About how many people have Periodic Paralysis syndrome?

A. one in 100
B. one in 1,000
C. one in 100,000

3. Hypertrichosis is also sometimes informally called:

A. Mummy Disease
B. Zombification
C. Werewolf syndrome

4. Lymphatic filariasis (elephantiasis) is spread by:

A. mosquitoes
B. unprotected sex
C. word of mouth

5. Fregoli syndrome causes people to believe that complete strangers are in fact:

A. famous celebrities
B. people they know
C. aliens
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